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Enhancing Citizen Voice and Accountability in Africa

The project “enhancing citizens voice and accountability in Africa” proposed by the Africa Governance Institute (AGI) seeks to strengthen the engagement of non-state actors (civil society and grassroots organisations) to promote voice, transparency and accountability in the delivery of public services.

Located in Dakar, Senegal, the AGI was established as a pan African think tank in 2003 to generate innovative thinking on the governance challenges facing Africa and to assist African regional and sub-regional organisations, states, civil society and the private sector to

  • Engage in advocacy for democratic and Developmental Governance in Africa ;
  • Develop cutting edge research and innovative training methods designed to find solutions to the most pressing Governance issues identified in political dialogue session and
  • Disseminate and diffuse relevant information on Governance in Africa.

The approach of the Africa Governance Institute (AGI) for this project will essentially be focussed on developing knowledge and research in areas related to demand-side driven governance and delivering targeted training to CSOs to develop their skills and knowledge in areas related to enhancing their ability to engage and participate effectively in advocacy for democratic governance and accountability mechanisms.

The knowledge developed will be translated into practical and user friendly guidance tools for use by CSOs and in addition, the AGI will strengthen its IT platform to provide materials and knowledge in areas of demand-side driven governance.

The project is supported by the AfDB and its duration will be approximately 18 months-July 2001 to December 2012.

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