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The resource centre is one of AGI’s tools for data and collective intelligence management strategy. The objective here is to share, develop, disseminate and diffuse knowledge on governance in Africa.

Targeting mainly decision-makers ; (within African states, international and regional organizations in Africa, the private sector, and civil society) experts ; researchers ; lecturers and networks working on issues of governance in Africa ; and partners in development ; the resource centre offers essential institutional and academic resources, enabling further thinking on Developmental Governance.

These resources are available :

  • Online, via the electronic documentation centre, (the AGI documentary collection has more than 1,000 documents to date ; freely available and updated daily) or via electronic catalogues, such as l’Harmathèque, accessible from workstations thanks to partnerships established by AGI.
  • On-site, in the AGI resource space within the Institute itself. Equipped with several IT work stations with internet access, this space offers a comfortable setting to work and access to essential resources : physical (recent works on developmental governance issues) or online (digital library).

Access to the centre is by appointment.

For further information, please contact us on + 221 301 029 488.