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200 Million Young Africans, 200 Million Opportunities

Joint Initiative on Job Creation for youth in Africa

Africa is the youngest region in the world. Youngsters make up more than two thirds of Africa’s population, yet they are more likely than adults to be unemployed. In some countries, such as South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco, youth unemployment rates are up to 3 times higher than those of adults. This serious jobs gap needs to be addressed rapidly or else it could translate into social tensions as recently witnessed during the Arab Spring.

“Youth is a vital force of society. We need a paradigm shift : we must take charge of our own destinies as Africans. We must be able to have regional integration. Young people must be given opportunities, to be exposed, to get experience. We are at the forefront of changing Africa and the world. We support what happened in Tunisia. We will continue to fight for economic freedom to change the situation of youth in Africa”, said Mr. Ben Duntoye, President of the Pan African Youth Union.

In response to this crisis, four organizations are joining forces to support national governments in their efforts to address the growing problem of youth employment in Africa : the African Development Bank (AfDB), African Union (AU), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and International Labor Organization (ILO). “In Cape Verde, youth has been placed at the heart of our national policies. We cannot fight unemployment without educational programs.

source : AfDB

Publié le 17 octobre 2011