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9th Asian Network for Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems

4-5 octobre 2012
Manille, Philippines

Conférence thème : Innovation and Appropriate Technology for the Development and Growth of ASIAN SMEs

Asialics International Conference seeks to explore is how innovation systems in Asia are linked to global innovation networks on the one hand, and how emerging interactions within and among innovation systems are shaping their performance on the other hand. The promotion of interactions among innovators – through university-industry linkages, global production chains, or in innovative clusters – is becoming a key priority for innovation policies. One area of particular interest is the interactions between research and technology organizations (RTO) and other innovation actors such as universities and industry. Specific objectives of the conference are as follows :

- Assessing various policies, management strategies and future trends related to innovation at the regional, national and firm levels in Asia, especially in times of global political, economic and societal challenges, and their impacts on development and inclusive growth of Asian SMEs as a mechanism in enhancing the growth and sustainability of Asian economies
- Enabling learning on policy and management strategies to take place across Asian countries
- Extending the frontiers of academic research
- Facilitating cross-border networking and research collaboration
- Promoting the interchange of ideas among innovation policy and management research communities in Asia
- Understanding the role of entrepreneurship education in the promotion of creative and innovative ways of thinking among the ASEAN youth

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Publié le 29 février 2012

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