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ACP-Europe ICT roundtable on broadband policy and regulation

October 20-21, 2011
ACP House, Brussels, Belgium

The Roundtable will enable attendees to examine the key policy, regulatory and operational issues concerning the improved roll-out of Broadband in ACP countries and the delivery of its many socio-economic development benefits. In addition, it will improve networking and knowledge-sharing between high-level policy and regulatory officials from the 79 ACP countries that will be represented, as well as participants from the European Union.

Discussions at the Roundtable will be driven by speakers and presenters from ACP countries, high-level European Union officials, and many of those leading industry figures whose companies are driving the expansion of broadband services in Europe and beyond.

Key areas of discussion will include :
• Optimum policy and regulatory frameworks for broadband roll-out
• Spectrum rationalisation
• Digital switchover
• Financing schemes
• Deployment of strategies to reduce negative externalities of ICTs
• Technologies that will mainstream the benefits of ICTs.

Source : CTO

Publié le 3 octobre 2011