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AGI Newsletter, June 2012

The June Issue of the AGI Newsletter is available through the link :

As part of the operational work of reflection on Public Administration Reform in Africa initiated by the Africa Governance Institute, under the leadership of the Department of Political Affairs of the African Union Commission, this issue of the Newsletter is an extension of the previous one and explore two tracks often left behind.

On the one hand, there is a close link between Public Administration Reform and Economic and financial governance. Public Adminitsration reform cannot be optimal without a good Economic and financial Governance, and the latter has itself a precondition for the existence of an accountable Public Administration vis-à-vis citizens.

On the other hand, Public Administration Reform takes on a particular dimension in the context of post-conflict and recovery situations . Countries experiencing political contexts and configurations are facing a number of unique challenges in this area : the congruence of the problems of Public Administration Reform with the security sector ; the (re) functionalization / (re) establishment of public service ’collapsed’, destroyed or created from scratch ; the maintenance of international peace and security ; replacement of public officials who died or are unavailable to return to service ; promotion of social reconciliation and development,. .... The success of the actions undertaken by governments of these countries to address these challenges do not follow a single recipe and / or externally imposed. It is largely a self-referential work of political leadership in which the emphasis is on the quality of public administration and its agents in providing effective and efficient public services, transparency, the routinization of accountability, the proactive nature of its action and the fact that it works closely with all stakeholders including Non-State Actors.

You will find in this issue of the Newsletter :

- Revitalising Accountability in Public Management Reform : Issues and Challenges for Developing Countries.
- Ethics, Accountability, transparency, Integrity and Professionalism in the Public Service : the Case of Ouganda.
- Governance and Public Administration Reforms and Innovations in African Countries : A Focus on Achievements, Setbacks and Future Directions .
- Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict : Challenges, Practices and Lessons Learned
- Building Capacities for Public Service in Post-Conflict Countries

Happy reading !
_The Editorial Team

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Publié le 13 juillet 2012