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AGI Newsletter, November 2012

The November Issue of the AGI Newsletter is available through the link : http://www.iag-agi.org/IMG/pdf/AGI-Newsletter-33bis.pdf

The issue of strengthening accountability in public service delivery occupies a central place in the governance agenda of the African Union in this year dedicated to « shared values ». This fact can be explained by at least two reasons : On the one hand, the fact that it is the guarantee of a determined orientation of the latter to serve citizens and a pre-condition for the (re) legitimacy of government ; On the other hand, the shared conclusion that accountability in public service delivery is the base of a qualitative transformation of governance in African countries. The African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration dedicates this dyptich.

Africa Governance Institute has contributed to the work on this issue by promoting the experiences sharing and peer learning in particular through the organization, in Praia (Cape Verde) from 25 to 26 July 2012, of a regional experience sharing and capacity development workshop on the relationship between public administration reform and economic and financial governance in Lusophone and ECOWAS countries. AGI also co-organized (with the CAMPS Secretariat and UNDP) in Dakar, from November 5 to 10, 2012, a regional training session for French-speaking countries and Portuguese on the implementation of the African Charter on Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration and its related instruments.

The purpose of this issue of the Newsletter is to continue this experience sharing by presenting the issue of accountability in public service delivery in South Africa, a country that is a pioneer in the field. You will find in this issue the various chapters of the book ’Accountability in South Africa’ published in 2011 by the World Bank.
You will find in this issue :

  • Progress in Service Coverage and Quality
  • Citizen Voice
  • The Compact
  • Citizen User Power
  • Participatory Assessment of Service Delivery

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