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AGI Newsletter, September 2012

The September Issue of the AGI Newsletter is available through the link :

It is widely recognized that regional, socio-economic and political integration based on shared values is a decisive factor for an effective and sustainable development of Africa in a uncertain and fragile global environment . This point of view was therefore devoted by the AUO Charter and the Constitutive Act of the African Union, the Lagos Plan of Action for the Economic Development of Africa in 1980 and the Abuja Treaty of June 1991 establishing the African Economic Community and the 2009-2012 Action Plan of the African Union Commission and the African Agenda for Development Effectiveness. The New Partnership for Africa’s Development ( NEPAD) offers, for its part, to the African continent a framework for collective action that makes regional integration one of the main objectives of development.

Despite the consensus on the need for a stronger regional integration, and the considerable efforts made by African countries - under the auspices of the African Union and its pillars that are the Regional Economic Communities - much remains to be done.

On one hand the debate on the modalities of regional integration in Africa is far from being definitely settled. Two logics clash here : one that emphasizes on the integration from a bottom up concept on the basis of a political will, and a second point of view that highlights the functional integration within each region and between regions. AGI focuses on the second perspective.
On the other hand, two of the major challenges that integration is confront with, are the unequal degree of institutionalization of the integration process in different regions and the intertwining of the member countries that are simulta-neously members in several regional organizations.

The purpose of this issue of the Newsletter is to present the elements of the most recent assessment of the regional integration process in Africa conducted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, in partnership with the African Union and the African Development Bank. You will therefore find the chapters of the Report ’Assessing Regional Integration in Africa V’ published in 2012 :

- Overview of Regional Integration in Africa ;
- The Theory of Free Trade Areas : The Case for an African Continental Free Trade Area ;
- The African Continental Free Trade Area : an Empirical Analysis ;
- Fast-tracking Perspectives for an African Continental Free Trade Area ;
- Movement of People and the Right of Residence and Establishment ;
- Movements of Goods and Services in Africa ;
- Movement of Capital and Investment in Africa.

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Publié le 4 octobre 2012