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Africa Digital Week

July 25-29, 2011
Alisa Hotel, Accra, Ghana

In July 2011, we will be organizing the first Africa Digital Week in Accra, Ghana. Africa Digital Week 2011 is themed – “My Dream for A Digital Africa”. The objective of Africa Digital Week is to explore how new and emerging forms of technologies can contribute to socio-economic development and good governance in Africa. It will be a place for discourse and debate on novel approaches to building a better Africa. Africa Digital Week is being organized by PearlRichards Foundation, African Institute for Development Informatics and Policy, African E-governance Academy (an OSIWA and UNDP Initiative), PC Tech Magazine and VIVA Africa Multimedia.

Africa Digital Week will seek to :

1.Discuss the experiences of African governments, private and non-governmental institutions in using new and emerging digital technologies (social media, mobiles and information and internet-enabled technologies) to interact and provide services to the consumers and citizens ;

2.Promote the strategic understanding of the role of digital technologies in achieving the millennium development goals in Africa and other developing countries ; and

3.Educate participants on how to conduct evaluations and impact analysis on using these new technologies (especially social media and mobiles) to achieve organizational or institutional objectives.

Conference and Workshops


1) ECOWAS Youth and Graduates Conference

Theme : Social Media, The Youth and Development. The conference will examine ways in which capabilities and competencies of the youth and graduates can support business, development and good governance in Africa.

2) AfegA E-Governance Workshop

Theme : New Technologies and Governance – “Can A Government Be Open without being Public ?” This workshop is being co-organized by the Africa E-governance Academy (AfegA).

3) Africa Digital Business Workshop

Theme : New Technologies, Business and Development. The workshop will critically explore the use of social media for business and non-profit institutions and the contribution of African Telecoms and NGOs to development in Africa.

Paper Submissions

Submissions are welcome from students, practitioners, researchers, academics and doctoral/research candidates. Submissions information - http://www.africadigitalweek.com/submissions.html



Theme : Technologies and Applications that Change the World. Exhibition will feature a corporate digital product launch from entrepreneurs, African companies, and multinationals institutions. A special feature will be The Launch of VIVA Africa Multimedia – An Internet Television for the Internet Generation of Africa (www.vivaafrica.tv).

Africa Digital Week 2011 will encourage open minds, critical thinking, self-examination, creativity, and sharing ideas. We invite you to join us, and look forward to welcoming you. We believe your invaluable experience and insight will add to what is an invaluable discourse for Africa and other developing regions. We have no doubt it will be challenging and thought-provoking, as well as an entertaining experience.

Richard Boateng, PhD and Dr. Longe Olumide
African Institute for Development Informatics and Policy, PearlRichards Foundation (www.pearlrichards.org)

Website : www.africadigitalweek.com


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