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Africa in 50 years’ time : The road towards inclusive growth

African Development Bank, Tunis, Tunisia, September 2011

African Development Bank,
Tunis, Tunisia
September 2011

Given that Africa’s independence began about 50 years ago, for the next 50 years this document assesses the economic and human development prospects in Africa. It identi ?es the drivers of change and their likely consequences over the next half century, and proposes policy choices that will enable Africa to ful ?l its potential in the years ahead.

Recent evidence shows that economic growth in Africa is generally strong, fueled in large measure by business enabling policy reforms, more favorable commodity prices and a marked improvement in peace and security, notably in the west and south-central sub-regions. Robust growth in the ?rst decade of this century helped to diminish the depth of poverty.

Africa 2060

Publié le 10 novembre 2011

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