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African Development Forum (ADF VIII)

October 22-26, 2012
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

- AfDB Long-Term Strategy to Feature at African Development Forum

The theme of the ADF VIII is “Governing and Harnessing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development”. The theme has been chosen in light of Africa’s abundant natural resources which are yet to contribute to its broad based development. In many parts of the continent, poverty prevails and co-exists with this natural resources wealth. Against this paradox, the Forum will underscore the importance of natural resources in the broader social and economic development processes in Africa. It will focus on mineral, land, timber and fishery resources and the potential role they can play in fostering growth and structural economic transformation on the continent. More specifically, the Forum will review the following key aspects of natural resources management and development :

1. Knowledge base, human and institutional capacities
2. Policy, legal and regulatory issues
3. Economic issues (taxation, investment, benefits, linkages and value creation)
4. Governance, human rights and social issues
5. Participation and ownership
6. Environmental, material stewardship and climate change

In February 2009, the AU Heads of State and Government approved the Africa Mining Vision. The Forum will provide an advocacy platform for the African Mining Vision and build consensus around the vision and its implementation.

Publié le 20 mars 2012