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Annual Evidence-Based Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Forum 2012

February 13-17, 2012
FNB Conference and Learning Center, Sandton, Johannesburg

Globally it is becoming apparent to all developing countries that all efforts made towards reducing poverty ; improving service delivery in all spheres of government activities is a daunting challenge for the past decades. At the helm of all governments’ initiatives, the greatest challenge they continue to face is accountable for results.

In an effort to provide more efficient and effective services, the shifted currently is focused on Results-based Management. As governments are promising improved service delivery and performance, there is need to have yard sticks that must demonstrating that such improvements are indeed taking place or not.

This has consequently given birth to Performance-based Monitoring & Evaluation (PM&E).

The emergency of Performance-based Monitoring & Evaluation has provided a perfect measuring tool that assesses the results and outcomes of all government programs. However, it is imperative that all stakeholders tasked with results measuring duties are well vested with the Performance-based Monitoring & Evaluation strategy and its auxiliaries that range from political commitment to accountability for results to capacitate the design for performance-based information systems.

This forum will highlight the core focal areas of the Performance-based Monitoring & Evaluation strategy and provide details from drafting, implementation, management and how you can put check and balances for desirable results.

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Publié le 16 janvier 2012