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Centre of African Studies at 50

June 6-8, 2012
University of Edinburgh

Theme : Cutting Edges and Retrospectives.

Emerging out of the Hayter enquiry into Area Studies in the United Kingdom, CAS was established with an explicitly interdisciplinary brief.

Since 1962, our researchers have maintained one foot in a core discipline – such as Social Anthropology, History, Geography, Education, Economics, Development Studies, and Politics – and the other in African Studies more broadly.

Over the past 50 years, CAS has generated leading research on themes as diverse as Pan-Africanism ; Creole communities in colonial West Africa ; hunter-gatherer societies in Southern and Central Africa ; democratisation ; migration and urbanisation ; Africa and international education ; labour and politics ; gender and legal pluralism ; and religion and society.

More recently, reflecting a generational turnover, it has added biotechnology, borderlands, information technologies, land- and waterscapes, heritage and commemoration, and post-conflict transitions to the list of current research.

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Publié le 28 novembre 2011