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Continental Judicial Dialogue with National Judiciaries

Du 18 au 20 novembre 2013 | Arusha, Tanzania

The Dialogue will bring together Members of the continental institutions of the African human rights system, relevant African Union Organs, Chief Justices/Presidents of Supreme and Constitutional Courts ; and other representatives of national jurisdictions of African Union Member States as well as Members of African Sub-regional Courts.

The objective of the Dialogue is to enhance discussions between these institutions to ensure protection of human and peoples’ rights in Africa. In the course of the 3 day dialogue, Members of the Court, representatives of the African judiciaries and other continental institutions involved in the field of human rights and international law, will share information on the best practices of continental, sub-regional courts and national courts, on the African human rights system, particularly the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, and discuss how to enhance the interaction and collaboration between continental human rights bodies, regional and national courts with a view to establishing a framework for practical and institutionalized cooperation.

In that regard, participants to the Dialogue will specifically discuss, among others, the African human rights system and its continental bodies, the interactions between national, regional and international courts such as through the principles of subsidiarity, exhaustion of local remedies, complementarity and referrals for interpretation, procedures and practices in application of continental and regional human rights instruments by national courts, enforcement of decisions and recommendations of continental and regional human rights bodies by national courts and institutions, advisory jurisdiction of regional and continental courts and quasi-judicial institutions vis-à-vis national institutions.

For further information on the Dialogue, please visit the website of the Court on or contact the Information Unit of the Court by e-mail at jean-pierre ( @ )

Publié le 15 novembre 2013

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