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Dialogue multi-acteurs sur le projet de document de travail de l’Union Africaine pour 2063 - Juillet 2013

The Africa Governance Institute organized on July 24 and 25 2013, in Abuja (Nigeria), the first Multi-Stakeholder dialogue on The Draft AU Discussion Paper on agenda 2063, in partnership with UNDP and under the leadership of the African Union Commission (AUC). The dialogue was part of the consultative dynamic to enhance this document promoted by the African Union Commission in the context of the celebration of the year dedicated to ’Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance’. It focused on the key drivers of Africa’s socio-economic transformation by 2063- in particular the creation of capable and developmental states.

The purpose of this new issue of the Newsletter is to extend the reflection initiated so far by making available the main works on this concept of capable and developmental state.

You will find :

- Thandika Mkandawire, ‘Thinking about Developmental State in Africa’ , Cambridge Journal of Economic, 2001, 25, 289-313 ;

- Charity Musamba, ‘The Developmental State. Concept and its relevance for Africa’ in Meyns P. & Musamba C. (Eds), ‘The Developmental State in Africa, Problems and Prospects’ University of Duisburg-Essen, 2010 ;

- Economic Commission For Africa-African Union, ‘Africa’s Need For Developmental State : Opportunities and Challenges’ ‘Governing development in Africa’ Economic Report on Africa 2011 ;

- Economic Commission For Africa-African Union, ‘The role of the State in Economic Transformation’ ; ‘Governing development in Africa’ , Economic Report on Africa 2011 ;

- Daniel Omoweh, ‘The feasibility of the democratic developmental State in the South’ Codesria, 2012 ;

- Omano Edigheji, ‘A democratic Developmental State in Africa ? Concept Paper’, Center For Policy studies, 2005 ;

- Laura Routley, ‘Developmental States. A review of Literature’ ESID Working Paper n° 03, February 2012.

Publié le 10 juillet 2013

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