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Dialogue publique sur les valeurs partagées éssentielles pour la renaissance Africaine

Speaking during a public dialogue with representatives of civil society and donor communities, university students, workers’ associations, the diplomatic community, Addis Ababa residents, and other Ethiopian citizens, Mr. Olabisi Dare on behalf of. Dr. Aisha Abdullahi, AUC’s Commissioner for Political Affairs, called for a continent-wide commitment to African Shared Values as a means of uniting and moving Africa forward.

“We are here today because of the African Union’s commitment to engage African citizens in those matters that affect our countries, their governance and our lives the most,” Mr. Olabisi stated. ”The Department of Political Affairs of the African Union is committed to helping citizens across Africa come together to determine how common values can make their lives and their countries stronger and more prosperous,’ he added.

“Africans are not new to public dialogue and communal problem-solving. I am ‘my sister’s keeper’. Therefore, I share a responsibility to look after fellow Africans and to help find solutions that will benefit our continent as much as my own home country,” Mr. Olabisi explained.

This African Shared Values Public Dialogue in Addis Ababa follows previous public dialogues in Dakar, Tunis and Banjul. It is part of the Department of Political Affairs programs to help popularize African Shared Values and to raise public awareness of issues such as good governance, democratic principles and basic human rights.
A panel of four Ethiopians shared their observations of how Africa can move towards greater integration and unity through values-based decisions at continent-wide levels. Moderated by Dr. Elsa Woldeghiorgis, Director of the Gebrekristos Desta Art Center at Addis Ababa University, the panelists are :
• H.E. Prof. Andreas Eshete, Special advisor to the Ethiopian prime Minister ;
• Dr. Tewabech Bishaw, Secretary General of the Federation of the African Public Health Association and President of The Ethiopian Public Health Association African Public Health Association ; and
• MS, Zenebewerke Tadess, Social Activist and an Intyernational Consultant
• Mr. Mikias Sissay, Communication Advisor at The Department of Poltical Affias, AUC

It is to be recalled that the African Shared Values is one of the four Strategic Pillars of the African Union, and that year 2012 was dedicated as the year of African Shared Values.
Panelist pointed out the importance of African Shared value as very crucial for African renaissance.

The following is a list of African Shared Values, as determined by the African Union Member States :

Values at the Individual Level
• Basic rights to life, identity and opportunity
• Basic freedoms (expression and worship)
• Tolerance
• Participation in governance
• Solidarity with each other in times of joy and in times of sadness
• Dignity and Respect
• Justice
• Sense of Fairness
• Equality of persons (gender, race, sex, etc.)
• Respect for age
• Integrity
• Community spiritedness
• Self determination

Values at the State or Regional Level
• Sovereignty and the interdependence of states
• Adherence to the rule of law
• Democracy and representation of the popular will
• Care for the weakest
• Self reliance (economic and social)
• Justice
• Law and order
• Equity and equality
• National determination
• Solidarity of states (brother’s keeper)
• Stability of environment
• Security

Publié le 5 juillet 2013

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