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Documents de référence | Responsabilité sociale

* Institutionalizing Social Accountability : Considerations for Policy

* From Shouting to Counting : A New Frontier in Social Development

* Independent Monitoring, the Media and Government’s Efforts to Combat Corruption in South Africa : The need for cooperation

* A Critical Reflection on Current Civil Society Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Principle of Accountability

* Strengthening Social Accountability in Malawi

* Governance, Social Accountability and the Civil Society

* Practical Guide to Capacity Development in a Sector Context

* Civil Society Organization. A staff guide to cooperation with civil society organizations

* An Introduction to Results Management. Principles, Implications, and Applications

* Handbook for Incorporation of Social Dimensions in Projects

* Strengthening Participation for Development Results. A Staff Guide to Consultation and Participation

* Capacity Development : Lessons Learned and Actions for Busan and Beyond

* So What Difference Does it Make ? Mapping the Outcomes of Citizen Engagement

* Making Accountability Count

* Mapping accountability : origins, contexts, and implications for development

* Policy Engagement How Civil Society Can be More Effective

* Perspectives Note : The Enabling Environment for Capacity Development

* Mutual Accountability

* Mutual Accountability at the Country level A Concept and Emerging Good Practice Paper

* Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness : Study of Existing Mechanisms to Promote Mutual Accountability Between Donors and Partner Countries at the International Level

* UNDP Capacity Development. Practice Note

* Le renforcement des capacités. Note de Pratique

Publié le 13 octobre 2011