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Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering : International Standards and Compliance Issues

May 14 - June 15, 2012
Online course, Fee US$800

Background : As money laundering gains increasing national and international attention, pressure is mounting for institutions to comply with money laundering rules and regulations and to take effective measures in preventing and countering money laundering. This 5-week course endeavours to provide training to both public and private-sector officials regarding money laundering issues. By first familiarising them with the international laws and regulations currently in place to deter money laundering, the course provides a holistic overview of money laundering standards, including key definitions, the nature of different money laundering processes and most importantly, the detrimental effects of money laundering on international development.

Learning Objectives : After completing the course, participants should be able to : (a) Discuss the basic concept of money laundering and its various processes ;

(b) Identify the economic impacts of money laundering and terrorist financing on international development ;

(c) Examine the efficiency of international standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing ;

(d) Summarise the legal requirements and preventive measures to be adopted by developing countries to combat money laundering ; and

(e) Analyse a case study on the UK regulatory regime to combat money laundering and make necessary arguments.

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Publié le 8 mai 2012