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Implementing Africa Union Decisions at national level The State of the Union Compliance Report, 2013 Roundtable Discussion to review and input into the draft report

May 16, 2013
Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia

Background :

The State of the Union coalition brings together civil society organizations, working on African Union issues. Our aim is to advocate for and monitor the implementation of African Union (AU) standards, legal instruments and decisions. We have prioritized 14 key AU instruments and they range from governance, political, social and economic rights, to peace and security and development. We believe these 14 instruments– ten legal instruments and four policy standards – if implemented have tremendous promise for the lives of millions in African.

Currently SOTU is preparing the second series of reports that will be published in July 2013. This will include 8 national reports from Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, South Africa and Cameroon, as well as a continental report that will analyse key findings from the country reports and make practical recommendations for taking this agenda forward. The aim of these studies is to review the progress of ratification, domestication and implementation made since the 2010 SOTU reports. The reports will also look at best practices, document case studies and highlight key challenges in domestication and implementing of the key AU instruments at the national level.

In preparation for the launch of the continental report, SOTU will host a roundtable discussion on May 16, 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss the preliminary findings and provide an opportunity for policy makers, experts and CSO leaders to provide feedback and input into the continental report.


One of the key recommendations we received during the launch and dissemination of the 2010 report was to provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to input into the research process before reports are launched both at the national and continental levels. This will allow the researchers to get updated information from policy makers and other experts as well as correct misconceptions/misinformation.
Thus SOTU will use the roundtable to present the preliminary findings and emerging issues from the 8 countries and its implications at the continental level. This is an opportunity for key stakeholders including the members of the Permanent Representative Committee (PRC), officials from the AUC and CSOs and experts to discuss the emerging issues and provide critical inputs to the final continental report and actions.

Aims and objective :

The aim is to provide opportunity stakeholders to review and input into the continental compliance report of 2013.

More specifically the roundtable will :
- Bring together policy makers and experts to examine key findings and recommendations coming from the eight country reports
- To inputs into and provide feedback into analysis, key findings and recommendations highlighted in the 2013 Compliance Report
- To develop recommendations for future studies, research and monitoring mechanisms related to compliance of AU instruments.
- Share experiences and contributions towards effective implementation of AU instruments and policies

Expected Outputs

A summary of the main issues and ideas highlighted throughout the discussions will be prepared for the consideration of the Research Reference Group and the Researcher in finalizing the national and continental reports.

Publié le 7 mai 2013

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