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Introducing Electronic Voting : Essential Considerations

Édité et Publié par International IDEA ; Décembre 2011 ; 36 pgs ; ISBN 978-91-86565-21-3

Édité et Publié par International IDEA  ; Décembre 2011 ; 36 pgs ; ISBN 978-91-86565-21-3

Electronic voting is often seen as a tool for making the electoral process more efficient and for increasing trust in its management. Properly implemented, e-voting solutions can increase the security of the ballot, speed up the processing of results and make voting easier. However, the challenges are considerable. If not carefully planned and designed, e-voting can undermine the confidence in the whole electoral process.

This policy paper outlines contextual factors that can influence the success of e-voting solutions and highlights the importance of taking these fully into account before choosing to introduce new voting technologies.

This publication can be downloaded free of charge in electronic format (PDF, ePub and Kindle) for reading on a tablet or a dedicated e-reader.

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Publié le 21 décembre 2011

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