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Les budgets transparents transforment les vies Enquête sur le budget ouvert 2012

Les budgets transparents transforment les vies. Enquête sur le budget ouvert 2012 (Rapport complet - texte)

2012 Open Budget Survey Press Release

The International Budget Partnership have launched their bi-annual Open Budget Survey. It made sobering reading for those of us working in the transparency field with the survey revealing that three of every four nations (representing over half of the world’s people) fail to meet basic budget transparency standards.

The survey revealed that 77 of the 100 countries assessed failed to meet basic standards of budget transparency, meaning that people have access to less than half the desired levels of budget information that they need to fully grasp how their government is using public resources to hold it to account. The governments of 21 countries don’t even publish the Executive Budget Proposal, the most critical document for understanding exactly how governments plans to manage their country’s finances.

The news isn’t all bad. While survey paints a bleak picture of budget transparency, participation, and accountability overall, there has been steady, albeit incremental, progress over the four rounds of the Survey since 2006 with nearly all regions of the world showing improvements. It is clear the commitment of governments – accompanied by other favorable factors such as donor interventions, international standards and civil society pressures – can yield significant and rapid improvements in budget transparency.

Publié le 29 janvier 2013

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