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Mapping Digital Media : South Africa

Written by Guy Berger (reporter), Zikhona Masala (lead reporter), Open Society Information Program Team : Vera Franz, senior program manager ; Darius Cuplinskas, 2 March 2012

The Mapping Digital Media project examines the global opportunities and risks created by the transition from traditional to digital media. Covering 60 countries, the project examines how these changes affect the core democratic service that any media system should provide : news about political, economic, and social affairs.

Developments in digital media in South Africa are densely intertwined with political factors. The government has sought to be the driver of digitization, but it has also caused repeated delays in digital roll-out. In addition, the government has had contradictory interests such as promoting competition while also favoring large enterprises in which it has controlling or monopoly shares.

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Publié le 17 avril 2012

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