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Meeting of Sectoral Council on Legal & Judicial Affairs

October 24 - November 3, 2011
Arusha, Tanzania

The 12th Meeting of the Sectoral Council on Legal and Judicial Affairs is scheduled to take place from 24 October to 3 November 2011 at the Arusha International Conference Centre to consider several issues ranging from the draft EAC Customs Management (Compliance and Enforcement) Regulations, 2011 ; Amendment of the East African Customs Management Act, 2004, New Section 250A ; draft Regulations under the East African Community Standardization, Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing Act ,2006 to the revised draft Protocol to Operationalise Extended Jurisdiction of the East African Court of Justice, 2011.

The Sectoral Council will also consider rationalization of terms of reference for all East African Community sectoral councils ; draft Protocol on the establishment of the East African Community Development Fund ; report of the sub-committee on approximation of national laws in the EAC context ; and report of the East African Judicial Education Committee.

High on the agenda is also progress report on the International Law Institute (ILI) project on harmonisation of legal education, certification and cross border legal practice in EAC ; draft Protocol on immunities and privileges of the East African Community, its Organs and Institutions ; the East African Community HIV and Aids prevention and management Bill, 2010 ; and lastly The East African Community draft Protocol on cooperation in meteorological services.

The Meeting will be conducted through the session of the Sectoral Committee on Legal and Judicial Affairs from 24 to 27 October ; session of the Deputy Attorneys General/Solicitors General/Permanent Secretaries, Ministries of Justice and Constitutional Affairs from 28 to 31 October ; and lastly session of the Hon. Attorneys General/Hon. Ministers of Justice and Constitutional Affairs from 1 to 3 November, 2011.

source : EAC

Publié le 20 octobre 2011

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