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New Vision of Africa in 2050 : Can Africa Achieve Inclusive and Dynamic Development ?

June 3, 2013
Yokohama, Japan

Background and Objectives

(1) The objectives of the seminar are :

  • To discuss the long term vision of economic and social development in Africa towards 2050, based on the findings of JICA-Centennial study ; and
  • To promote further discussion among the participants (mainly African officials) on possible approaches to achieve the Vision.

(2) Key questions to be addressed will include :

  • How would the economy and social structures/indicators look in 2050 if the Vision is achieved ? What are the opportunity cost of NOT achieving the Vision ?
  • What policies should be chosen now in order to achieve the 2050 Vision ?
  • How could JICA or development partners work together with Africa towards achieving this Vision ? What should their priorities be in near future ?

Publié le 10 mai 2013