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‘On the Road to Busan’ meeting urges for paradigm shift in aid-delivery in conflict-affected countris and states in fragile situations

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, Ms. Jennifer Kargbo this week called for a revitalization of the existing commitments to aid effectiveness if Africa is to achieve the MDGs.

The call was made at a 2-day Africa Regional Meeting on Peace building and State building in Addis Ababa, whose aim was to shape the agenda of the Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) to be held later in the year in Busan, Korea.

“With only four years to go before the MDG target date of 2015, a great deal remains to be done,” said Ms. Kargbo, and underscored that HLF4 “needs to revitalize the existing commitments, while sustaining the political momentum.”

She said the Busan Forum will be expected to propose a new framework to achieve the MDGs by 2015 and examine how to situate aid in its overall development context, while taking account of such factors as trade, security and climate change.

Dubbed, ‘the Road to Busan’ the regional conference this week expects to address the trends and specific challenges of conflict-affected and fragile states in Africa.

In addition, participants, who include ministers, representatives of regional organizations, international partners and civil society, will place a new focus on establishing peace building and state building priorities. The meeting is also being seen as evolving a paradigm shift in the way aid is delivered in conflict-affected and fragile countries.

Ms. Kargbo expressed hope that the Addis Regional meeting would “contribute towards the articulation of strong African voices on peace building and state building issues in Busan.”

The two-day meeting is organized by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the African Union Commission (AUC) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), as part of their collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the challenge of managing transitions from conflict ; and helping to build strong governance institutions and the mechanisms for sustainable peace, which are essential to political and economic development in Africa.

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Publié le 13 septembre 2011