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Plateforme d’Evaluation de la Gouvernance Africaine (AFRIGAP) Strategy Meeting

3-4 juin 2013
Dakar, Sénégal

In response to strong regional demand expressed at the Africa Forum on Civil Society and Governance Assessments - Rapport en français - held in Dakar in Nov 2011, UNDP and Trust Africa, in consultation with six leading organizations involved in the production or promotion of governance assessments in Africa – the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Afrobarometer, Global Integrity, State of the Union Africa (Oxfam), Civicus and the African Union’s Department of Political Affairs – have committed to establishing an African network and a web platform to facilitate the exchange of resources and expertise on governance assessments that are specifically relevant to the continent.

This space – the African Governance Assessment Platform, or ‘AfriGAP’ – is being constructed on the foundations of the Governance Assessment Portal,, managed by the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre, in order to maximize resources and visibility.

Preliminary strategic and development work for the AfriGAP has been initiated in the course of the 2012, and a beta site with limited functionality is ready.

Objectives for the AfriGAP Strategy Meeting :

 ? Agree on strategic objectives for the AfriGAP
_ ? Secure feedback on the work done to date/in the pipeline :
o beta platform and architecture
o country templates
o community-building : priority target groups
o priority thematic areas
o indicator database
_ ? Solicit strategic input on how the AfriGAP should continue to develop to meet the platform’s objectives and partners’ needs & interests ;
_ ? Agree on an AfriGAP Roadmap for 2013-14 : Partners’ roles and contributions

Source : UNDP Dakar Regional Centre

Publié le 28 mai 2013

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