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Séminaire sur le budget, la mise en oeuvre, la gestion, et le suivi et contrôle

26-27 janvier 2012
Hilton, Nairobi

Preamble Attainment of the organizations’ annual budget calls for an appreciation of best practice in budget implementation by the key staff expected to help the organization successfully implement the budget.

All managers and other staff with supervisory roles must acquire skills, techniques and tools necessary to enable them to Implement, Manage, Monitor and Control their budgets. Furthermore, identification of Budget Variances should be an ongoing process’- intervention measures must be applied from the initial stages of the Budget Implementation period. Managers and other staff entrusted with implementation of a successful budget in their functional areas or overall budgets must be equipped with these skills if the organization is to achieve its annual plans.

Hammond Tutu & Gunther Kenya Ltd will be conducting a 2 day Seminar on Budget Implementation, Management & Control at Hilton, Nairobi on January 26th & 27th, 2012.

The aim of this workshop is to equip Managers and Heads of departments entrusted with departmental or organizational budgets with knowledge and skills neccesary to enable them effectively Manage and Monitor the budgets implementation on a day to day basis. This course also equips managers with skills to put in place corrective budgetary actions.

Managers who have gone through this 2 days workshop are better positioned to deliver on their budgets ;- they own their budgets, explain variances when they occur and take corrective remedial actions in good time.

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Publié le 16 janvier 2012

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