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Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development Conference 2011

October 6-7, 2011
Cercle National des Armées, Paris, France

Theme : Tackling the Shadow Financial System : A Working Plan for the G20

Illicit financial outflows from developing countries—which total around $1.3 trillion per year—undermine the tax base in poorer countries, eroding the accountability that is essential for good governance and global stability.

The key to curtailing these illicit flows is transparency. Speakers and panelists at this year’s conference will address the implications of and solutions to the shadow financial system, including : country-by-country reporting, beneficial ownership of accounts, automatic exchange of tax information, curtailment of trade mispricing, and tax evasion as a predicate offense for anti-money laundering.

Breakout sessions will focus on the 2011 Financial Secrecy Index, illicit trafficking, socially responsible investing, media messaging, the “Arab Spring”, and more.

Together, speakers and participants will craft a message to the G20 member governments ahead of the November 2011 French summit on how they can address the global ills that result from illicit financial flows.

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Publié le 5 octobre 2011