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Technical Workshop on Statistics, Statistical Information’s on Governance and Peace and Security in Africa

September 17-19, 2012
Dakar, Senegal

Concept note (pdf, 292.51 kB)

The technical workshop to be held in Dakar coincides with the achievement of three important milestones : the celebration of the year on ’shared values’ by the Commission of the African Union ; the tenth anniversary of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) ; and the celebration of ten years of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). The meeting aims to contribute to the articulation between APSA and AGA (African Governance Architecture) by questioning their synergy from an innovative perspective. The intention is to propose a more proactive approach to the management of conflict and security issues, based on anticipation, as a complement to the existing more reactive approach, which primarily includes efforts such as arbitration, mediations, Establishment of the African Standby Force, peacemaking missions .... The objective here is to address governance, conflict prevention, peace and security in Africa in a holistic manner. The ultimate goal of the Dakar technical workshop is to provide a forum for a high level operational reflection amongst those actors who are at the forefront of the African Integration Agenda (AUC, AfDB, CODESRIA, UNDP, UNECA, MAEP, IDEP, Think Tanks, members States, independent experts,...) on new approach to conflict prevention and crisis management.

On another level, the Dakar workshop is a key step towards the operationalization of the Strategy for the harmonization of statistics for Africa (SHaSA). The governance, peace and security indicator set, as well as survey questionnaires, which will be designed in Dakar will be presented to the directors of the national statistical offices at the forthcoming African symposium on Statistical Development (ASSD) to be held in November 2012.

Publié le 31 août 2012