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The African Internet Governance Forum (AFIGF)

30 septembre 2011
UN Conference Centre, Nairobi, Conference room 10, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Framework document

Main objectives :

To increase awareness and build capacity on Internet Governance

To ensure that the concerns of Africa are taken into account in the IGF process

To put in place a coordinated African process for dealing with Internet governance issues on the continent

To strengthen the multi-stakeholder dialogue model for Internet governance in Africa through sub-regional and national forums.

To ensure a multi-stakeholder representation of all parts of the African continent.

To ensure that all the countries are part of the sub-regional processes and launch/strengthen their national processes.

Speakers (5 minutes each) :

* Makane Faye - UNECA
* Moctar Yedaly – AU
* Alice Munyua - EAIGF
* Nnenna Nwakanma – WAIGF
* Baudin Schombe – CAIGF
* Anriette Esterhuyen – SAIGF
* A representative of North Africa

Speakers (3 minutes each) :

* Representatives of African ICT Ministries
* Representatives of regional and international organizations, fully involved in IG process on the continent (NEPAD, RECs, AfriNic, ISOC, UNESCO, etc.)

Expected outcome :

* Launch of AFIGF.
* Approval of a Bureau composed of the five sub-regional IGFs.
* Establishment of a Support Team composed of key stakeholder institutions involved in IG on the continent.
* Draft TORs for AFIGF
* Approval of the date and venue of the first AFIGF.

Publié le 20 septembre 2011

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