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The International Conference on the African Union & Cultural Diplomacy

7-10 février 2012

Theme : Cultural Diplomacy as a Vehicle of Global Governance : The Role of Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Future of the African Union

The African Union & Cultural Diplomacy Conference is the second of a series of four international conferences dedicated to enhancing awareness and understanding of international governing institutions The conference is organized by the ICD and other leading organizations.

Since the Cold War , the global power axis has shifted significantly, from a bipolar world order into multiple poles of influence, rapid market liberalization and a considerable synergy of global interdependence. This shift in power relations has not been unproblematic, especially for those countries that have been sidelined from the international decision-making processes. The African Union (AU) is therefore a prominent example of the necessity of collaboration in order to protect and promote individual interests in the current international setting.

This conference will emphasize how cultural diplomacy can be used as an increasingly useful tool for building cooperation both regionally and globally, and explores avenues through which this new form of diplomacy can be used as a driving force to foster good governance, development and the promotion of human rights through the AU.

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Publié le 23 novembre 2011

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