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The Politics of Resources Extraction : Indigenous Peoples, Multinational Corporations, and the State

Terence Gomez et Suzana Sawyer, Palgrave, 978-0-230-34772-4, 336 pgs

Terence Gomez et Suzana Sawyer , Palgrave, 978-0-230-34772-4, 336 pgs

International institutions, including the United Nations and World Bank, and numerous multinational companies (MNCs) have voiced concern over the adverse impact of resource extraction activities on the livelihood of indigenous communities. Yet the scale and scope of problems confronting indigenous peoplescaused bymineral extraction projects endorsed by governments, international agencies and MNCs is monumental. This raises a paradox : Despite the burgeoning number of international charters and national laws asserting the rights of indigenous peoples, they find themselves subjected to discrimination, dispossession and racism. The authorsexplore this paradox by examining mega resource extraction projects in Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chad and Cameroon, India, Nigeria, Peru and the Philippines.

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Publié le 2 mars 2012

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