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Third High HLP meeting on the Post 2015 Development Agenda

January 30 - February 2, 2013
Monrovia, Liberia

The High Level Panel members will discuss national growth, economic transformation, and development. This will be followed by global partnership and implementation methodologies at the fourth meeting in Bali, Indonesia.


The HLP will meet in Monrovia over 5 days :

Day 1 : meeting of technical experts, members of the Secretariats and Drafters

Day 2 : meeting of the HLP members without the co-chairs, with an emphasis on the thematic position papers

Day 3 : official meeting of the HLP with the 3 co-chairs

Day 4 : CSO outreach day where the African CSO Secretariat and partners will actively lobby to engage with HLP members

Day 5 : debriefing day for the HLP Secretariat and Drafters

Main theme and sub-themes

The main theme is “Economic Transformation” with five +1 sub-themes :

  • Enablers and barriers to economic transformation
  • Equitable and sustainable outcomes
  • Role of the Private Sector
  • Partnerships
  • Conflict and fragility
  • African perspective and position

Objectives and outcomes

This third meeting of the HLP will aim to develop a clear vision for eradicating poverty and achieving long-term sustainability and identify key pillars for sustained development. They will not aim to come up with indicators, as the brief for the HLP is to address the broader questions around vision and strategy. All of this will hinge on the main theme of ’economic transformation’.

Source : Ask Africa Now

Publié le 28 janvier 2013