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AGI Newsletter, April 2013

The April Issue of the AGI Newsletter is available through the link : http://www.iag-agi.org/IMG/pdf/AGI-Newsletter-37.pdf

The African Union is celebrating 2013 under the banner of ’Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance’. These celebrations come at a critical turning point in the continent’s development. On one hand, African countries have recorded remarkable growth since 2000, and were able to face the global economic and financial crisis. Political governance has improved significantly and political conflicts are on a downward trend.

But on the other hand, these good performances are neither translating into, nor promoting diversification in the economies of African countries, not to talk of creating more jobs and driving real and adequate human development that guarantees the creation of wealth and improved social conditions for the people.

African countries need therefore to embark on real economic transformation and to take vigorous measures for overcoming poverty, inequality and youth unemployment, while also positioning the continent as the new global economic hub and the engine for growth. To make this paradigm shift a reality, African countries must find ways to go beyond the current model of extractive economies they have, and to institute organized, planned industrialization that makes the best use of African commodities. This is the key message of the Economic Report on Africa 2013, published by the ECA and the African Union.

This issue of our newsletter further echoes this message and presents :

- Chapter 1 : Economic and Social Developments in Africa and Medium-term Prospects
- Chapter 2 : Trade, Financing and Employment imperatives for Africa’s Transformation
- Chapter 3 : State of Value Addition and Industrial Policy in Africa
- Chapter 4 : Making the Most of Linkages in Soft (Food) Commodities
- Chapter 5 : Making the Most of Linkages in Industrial Commodities
- Chapter 6 : Making the Most of Policy Linkages in Commodities


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