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Paix et sécurité - Février 2013

The centrality of the theme of peace and security in this work program is doubly appropriate. On the one hand, given the fragility and crises that are facing different African countries (Mali, Central African Republic, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia,...).

On the other hand, due to the topicality of the debate around the definition of "a new paradigm in the field of conflict prevention, peace and security in Africa in Western countries : the famous ’New Deal’, which several non-African actors hoped to make Mali a typical ideal testing ground.

This issue of the Newsletter is intended to be analytical with two views (African and non African) in this debate where there is little mention about the voice of Africa.

You will find in the chapters of the book ’Peace, conflict and development in Africa : a reader’ published by Erin McCandless and Tony Carbo of the University of Peace.

- Chapter 1 : Peace, Conflict and Development : the Linkages ;

- Chapter 2 : The Political Economy of Conflict ;

- Chapter 3 : Economic Policy, Conflict and Peace ;

- Chapter 4 : International Peace and Humanitarian Aid, Strategies and Impact.

  • 10/02/2013

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