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Search with Scrutari

The AGI resource centre proposes access to documents by thematic key words, by geographical entry, and by type of document, as well as by search with the search engine Scrutari.

To make best use of the search engine, you can combine several words to refine your search e.g. Senegal Democracy will look under Senegal and democracy.

The search is not sensitive to case or accents. SENEGAL DEMOCRACY and senegal democracy will give the same results.

Words of one or two letters are ignored.

The search engine will effect a right-side truncation by default : gov will look for both government and governance. A left-side truncation can be added by putting an asterisk before : *development.

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase : “analysis and evaluation in governance”.


  • 25 jan

    La Conférence Internationale sur l’émergence de l’Afrique à Dakar : les 17, 18 et 19 Janvier à Dakar

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    Les café de l’IAG : sur les migrations, ressources d’intégration régionale

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  • 18 déc

    Les café de l’IAG : la démocratie, les élections et la jeunesse africaine

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