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AGI aims to make available to a wide public (specialists, decision-makers, and researchers, etc.) a maximum of institutional and academic resources in order to nurture thinking on Developmental Governance.

The documents available within the resource centre are classified according to thematic and geographical content, and by category (see search).

The first major theme selected by AGI is that of Developmental Governance. After comes Democratic Governance, Economic and Financial Governance, e-governance, Corporate Governance, and Environmental and Natural Resources Governance, understood as components of the first.

The preliminary definitions of these themes are subject to debate and are enhanced by the different work undertaken as part of AGI activities. A certain number of key words respond to these important themes.

A seventh area (Miscellaneous) was selected, in order to group together more general and transversal key words.


  • 25 jan

    La Conférence Internationale sur l’émergence de l’Afrique à Dakar : les 17, 18 et 19 Janvier à Dakar

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    Les café de l’IAG : sur les migrations, ressources d’intégration régionale

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    Les café de l’IAG : la démocratie, les élections et la jeunesse africaine

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